About MMWD:

In 1912, the Marin Municipal Water District received its charter as the first municipal water district in California. Today, MMWD is a public agency that provides water to 190,000 people a 147 square-mile area of south and central Marin County. About 75 percent of our water supply comes from rainfall stored in the district's seven reservoirs. Additional water is imported from the Russian River. 

Our mission is to manage our natural resources in a sustainable manner and to provide our customers with reliable, high quality water at a reasonable price.

New Program: Rainwater Harvesting

Using water wisely is essential to ensuring a clean, reliable supply for the future. MMWD has a long-standing commitment to water conservation and offers a variety of programs to help customers save water both indoors and out.

Many people want to learn more about harvesting rainwater at home to use for irrigation, an interest prompted in large part by the three-year statewide drought. Will that help reduce demand on district reservoirs? If so, can we rely on that demand reduction to continue? The 10,000 Rain Gardens Project, in partnership with SPAWN, will allow MMWD to look at these and other questions.

The program involves implementing an array of rainwater harvesting projects at residential, commercial and public sites to demonstrate rainwater harvesting best practices. It will also include extensive public outreach to help others replicate these projects at their own homes or businesses.